The function will estimate the mode value using the maximum log likelihood method for the Triangular Binomial Distribution when the binomial random variables and corresponding frequencies are given.




vector of binomial random variables.


vector of frequencies.


The output of EstMLETriBin will produce the classes of ml and mlTB format consisting

min Negative log likelihood value.

mode Estimated mode value.

AIC AIC value.

call the inputs for the function.

Methods print, summary, coef and AIC can be used to extract specific outputs.


$$0 < mode=c < 1$$ $$x = 0,1,2,...$$ $$freq \ge 0$$

NOTE : If input parameters are not in given domain conditions necessary error messages will be provided to go further.


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Available at:

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No.D.D <- 0:7 #assigning the random variables Obs.fre.1 <- c(47,54,43,40,40,41,39,95) #assigning the corresponding frequencies
# NOT RUN { #estimating the mode value and extracting the mode value results <- EstMLETriBin(No.D.D,Obs.fre.1) # extract the mode value and summary coef(results) summary(results) AIC(results) #show the AIC value # }